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Objects that act like numbers, for example, may reasonably be initialized to zero or to undefined values. Objects that act like pointers ( Item 28) may reasonably be initialized to null or to undefined values. Data structures like linked lists, hash tables, maps, and the like may reasonably be initialized to empty containers.

Other books describe the different parts of the language. This book tells you how to combine those parts so you end up with effective programs. Other books tell you how to get your programs to compile. This book tells you how to avoid problems that compilers won't tell you about. ¤ EC++ Intro, P12 Like most languages, C++ has a rich folklore that is usually passed from programmer to programmer as part of the language's grand oral tradition. This book is my attempt to record some of that accumulated wisdom in a more accessible form.

The explanations are the most important part of the book. Only by understanding the rationale behind an Item can you reasonably determine whether it applies to the software you are developing and to the unique constraints under which you toil. ¤ EC++ Intro, P18 The best use of this book, then, is to gain insight into how C++ behaves, why it behaves that way, and how to use its behavior to your advantage. Blind application of the Items in this book is clearly inappropriate, but at the same time, you probably shouldn't violate any of the guidelines without having a good reason for doing so.

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