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By Andreas Hirsch, Dr. rer. nat

Even if man made fullerenes have basically been round for many years, there are millions of medical articles facing them. this is often the 1st monograph within the box and therefore represents a necessary resource of knowledge summarizing an important and primary elements of the natural and organometallic chemistry of the fullerenes. The e-book is logically prepared in order that info is simple to retrieve, and the fashion lends itself to easy examining and to studying extra concerning the chemical homes of a family members of molecules that represent new construction blocks for novel architectures in.  Read more... The Chemistry of the Fullerenes; Contents; bankruptcy 1. The guardian Fullerenes; bankruptcy 2. relief; bankruptcy three. Nucleophilic Additions; bankruptcy four. Cycloadditions; bankruptcy five. Hydrogenation; bankruptcy 6. Radical Additions; bankruptcy 7. Transition steel complicated Formation; bankruptcy eight. Oxidation and Reactions with Electrophiles; bankruptcy nine. ideas and views of Fullerene Chemistry; Index

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Differences in the values of the first reductions potentials of up to 600 mV have been observed. The donor-acceptor properties (Gutmann solvent donicity number) of the solvent have a pronounced influence on the first and third reduction potentials'. 1 Reduction potentials (V vs. 26 40 2 Reduction Four reversible reductionsI6 were found for the chiral higher fullerene D,-C76 and five reversible for C84. The reduction waves of these higher fullerenes seem to appear at somewhat more positive potentials but are comparable to those of c60 and C70, showing that they are also electrophilic molecules.

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