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This booklet covers a large array of subject matters - from passive community idea, to circuit modeling, to real necessary circuits. It starts off with easy yet really good passive community conception. It develops and employs a few uncomplicated high-frequency transistor types. It makes use of those types, besides the proper community idea, to offer a number of circuits and indicates the best way to optimize their functionality for wide-bandwidth Read more...

summary: This ebook covers a huge array of themes - from passive community conception, to circuit modeling, to genuine necessary circuits. It starts off with uncomplicated yet really good passive community conception. It develops and employs a few easy high-frequency transistor types. It makes use of those versions, besides the proper community conception, to provide quite a few circuits and indicates the way to optimize their functionality for wide-bandwidth functions

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89) Once you know Cbq, subtract it from the desired value of Cb to determine how much additional bridging capacitance is required. Hopefully, this is not a negative number! 8 OTHER USES OF T-COILS T-coils have a number of other uses that make them quite valuable in analog design. For example, they can be cascaded to make a pretty decent delay line. 5 (4) C9 C = 5 pF C6 C = 5 pF R7 R = 50 Ω (5) C8 C = 5pF GD(S21), GD(S31), GD(S41), GD(S51) Figure 1–40 T-coil delay line. 875 ns 1d 1c 1b 1a 1 10 GD (S21) 100 Freq (MHz) GD (S31) 1,000 GD (S41) 10,000 GD (S51) Figure 1–41 Group delay for T-coil delay line.

Figure 1-10 is a schematic of such a circuit. It consists of four filter sections that are independent of each other in that each section has infinite input impedance and zero output impedance. Figures 1–11 and 1–12 show the step response and the AC frequency response of four MFED cascaded RLC stages as shown in Figure 1-10. The response is shown at the output of each stage. 866). From these graphs it is evident that as we add stages the bandwidth shrinks and the rise time increases. Observe that the step response remains well behaved; there is no overshoot.

1 Shunt Peaking Figure 1–14 shows a shunt-peaked circuit. 57) L1 I1 C1 R1 Figure 1–14 A shunt-peaked circuit. Vout Additional Peaking Techniques 21 Cb M Ls = L13 Lr = L23 3 1 L13 C1 Zin I1 2 L23 Vout R1 Figure 1–15 T-coil-peaked circuit. In this equation, we will set L1 the same way as we did for the series-peaked case. In particular, 2 L1 (for shunt peaking) = R1 C1 3 It is left as an exercise for the reader to show that this gives the optimum bandwidth for the least amount of overshoot. The extra zero in the equation gives slightly better performance than the series-peaked case.

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